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General Tips for Starting a Gym Program


Starting a gym program and making it a priority in your life can seem like a difficult thing to do.  Here are some general rules for the gym to help you start your wellness journey with more confidence!

  1. If you have never been to a gym or are unfamiliar with the equipment, it is a good idea to have a personal trainer or physical therapist educate and instruct you on how to properly use it before diving into a program.  Many gyms have personal trainers on staff and are there to assist to maximize your safety.
  2. When trying any new exercise, first perform it at a low intensity with higher reps, focusing on control and form during it.  If it feels good during and after for a couple of days, then progress the load as tolerated.
  3. Vary or modify your program based off how you feel that day.  
  4. Potentially try alternating muscle groups when doing resistance training (i.e. squatting/bicep curls, hip thrusts/tricep extensions, step ups/military press).
  5. Make your program simple so it’s easier to be compliant with it.  
  6. Consistency is key when looking for results.  
  7. Make it a priority in your day.  
  8. If you start having pain, don’t stop moving!  Adjust and modify your program but keep performing it!  
  9. Trying a group class or having a friend or partner go to the gym with you can assist with your motivation levels and hold you accountable for your participation.
  10. If you have a history of health issues and have never tried working out before, make sure to consult with a healthcare provider before you start to get some direction on safe and appropriate exercises to perform.   

Do yourself and your health a favor and get started on your exercise program today!

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