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Desk Job Workout!


Having a desk job and not moving much during the day can be both mentally and physically challenging. It is important to take several breaks from your resting posture in the morning and the afternoon. Remember that the perfect posture is a posture that continues to change throughout the day. You need to move to keep your blood flowing to feed your muscles, nerves and organs for a healthy and happy body!


Try this 2 minute workout 2-4x/day:

  • Shoulder blade squeezes 10 repetitions- think about bringing your shoulders down and back
  • Marching in place for 30 seconds
  • Shoulder flexion 5 repetitions (make a touchdown motion)
  • Butt kicks (hamstring curls-alternating legs) in place for 30 seconds
  • Wall push-ups 10 reps
  • Moving from sitting to standing 10 reps
  • Take a deep breath

Your co-workers might think you are crazy, but soon enough, you will have everyone in the office joining you!