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Christina’s Comeback Story

“As a patient at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) I was able to form a relationship with my physical therapist. I looked forward to physical therapy! You can tell all of the therapists at OPTI are wholeheartedly present in their work! OPTI helped me reach my goals of building my strength up and getting back to being a full-time painter again!

-Christina Narwics

Photo taken by: Bryce Bridges profile

I am a full-time professional arts painter. I enjoy what I do, and it was important that my knee didn’t hinder what I love. I have continuously experienced knee pain. My physical therapist worked with me on both knees before I had surgery to see if there were possible noninvasive solutions to my pain. However, osteoarthritis is what led up to my total knee replacement. There was degeneration within the joint of my knee and I was experiencing a lot of pain.

It can be scary undergoing such a surgery, but, I knew I was in the right place at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute and that I would be surrounded by people who could lift me up during my rehabilitation. I was motivated to make a strong comeback! The atmosphere was great, there is ALWAYS one-on-one treatment and interaction with a physical therapist. The team at OPTI truly cares about each and every patient. They take their time, are thorough, and educate you along the way.

I have had huge successes with OPTI treating both of my knees. My new knee feels amazing and my therapist found solutions for my original arthritic knee. I would totally encourage anyone to go to OPTI, especially if you want to improve mobility inside and outside the gym environment.

With the help of OPTI, I reached all of my goals! I was able to build back muscle and regain my flexibility! I am back to painting full-time again!