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Calf Strengthening for Balance

🕰️As we progress through life, our balance tends to decline.  We can get caught up in the vicious cycle of limiting our movement out of fear of falling, which hurts our balance even more.  It raises the question: can anything be done to decrease the risk for falls and improve balance as we age?
📚A prospective cohort study from 2016 in the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy looked at the effect of a standard balance training program that included calf muscle strengthening.  The results indicated that adding calf muscle strengthening to the balance program significantly improved the balance testing the participants underwent.  The participants who completed more repetitions of a single leg heel raise had the lowest risk for falls based on the testing performed.
☝️Take home point:  Keep MOVING throughout your life.  Incorporate a balance training program that includes calf muscle strengthening to keep you safe, confident, and off the floor!
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