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How to Sit Up from Bed with Back Pain


It’s the morning, you’re lying in bed after a night’s rest and your back pain has flared up.  You don’t want to get up.  You’re not even sure how to without straining yourself even more. What is demonstrated below by one of our Physical Therapists, Sara Loeffelholz is called the “log roll”, or the steps to properly sit up from a horizontal position.  The log roll can be especially effective for people who suffer with back pain.  Follow each photo of Sara below!

1. You’re lying in bed



2. Roll on to your side

IMG_2623 (1)

3. Get your legs off the side of the bed – This will increase your leverage

4. Start pushing yourself up using your top hand and your bottom elbow

IMG_2626 (1)

5. Lift yourself into an upright position – YOU DID IT!

IMG_2627 (1)

Sara Loeffelholz, PT

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