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4 Simple Tips to Address Elbow Pain

Tennis Elbow Anyone? 

Have you had nagging pain in your elbow that seems to be worsening and limiting more and more of your daily activities?   You may have consulted with “Dr.” Google who probably diagnosed you with “Tennis Elbow” and you have now researched the “best” ways of addressing it.  You are stretching and massaging and bracing with no luck….If you are not seeing progress with your self-treatment, check out the information below…

Here are 4 simple tips to address this issue:
1.  Refrain from painful activities for a few days (3-4 days).  For instance, if lifting the milk carton out of the refrigerator hurts, use your other hand to do it.   Giving the body time without irritation is important in decreasing the pain you feel.

2.  Continue moving through comfortable ranges. Do not completely rest that arm!  Listen to your body so you know what limits it is giving you regarding what is irritating and what is not…BUT, keep moving!  Movement is medicine.

3.  Slowly introduce non-specific movements (not directly stretching the irritated area) once you start noticing some decrease in your pain levels. We recommend the following movements if they are comfortable for you to perform.

Stretch your arm back while rotating your thumb in towards you and back then perform a touchdown motion up/snow angel motion down (see video below)

Shoulder blade squeezes with elbows slightly bent (see picture below)

4. GRADED EXPOSURE: Progress back into your previous activities slowly, performing lower intensity and lower repetitions then increasing SLOWLY on a weekly basis until you are back living your life to the fullest!  Consult with a physical therapist at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute if you have questions or issues!


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