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3 Exercises To Do After Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine (Or Any Shot!)

One of the most common side effects for the COVID-19 vaccine is pain or tenderness at the injection site. When we are experiencing pain or discomfort, our first instinct is to not move the body part that is hurting. However, we must move to improve! It is important to “teach” your body that it is okay to move by slowly introducing movement back to the sore limb. If you are experiencing arm pain after the COVID-19 vaccine (or any shot/vaccine), here are a few exercises to try. Remember: Movement is Medicine!

Exercises should be performed slow and controlled and no pain should be felt.  Hold stretches for a few seconds at a point where you feel very light tension, not pain.

1. Touchdown/ Snow Angel:

-Start with your arms at your sides. Slowly raise your arms over your head to make a “touchdown” pose.

-Rotate your palms so they are facing out in front of you and slowly move your arms back down to your side, as though you are making a snow angel.


2.  Doorway stretch

-Place your hands on the frame of the doorway and slowly walk forward until a nice stretch is felt. Hold for a few breaths and then walk back out to the starting position.


3.  Countertop Stretch

-Place your hands on the countertop and slowly walk your feet away from the counter, hinging at the hips. Once a stretch is felt, hold for a few breaths, and then walk your feet back up towards the counter to return to starting position.


If you have any questions regarding these stretches, contact us at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI)!

Ally Brown, ATC

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