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10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Social Distancing!

While trying to stay healthy and avoiding getting the coronavirus, we want to make sure you don’t contract cabin fever either!  Here are some ways to stay healthy while having to be at home!

1. Take deep breaths occasionally during the day. Inhale and raise your shoulders up as high as you can and exhale letting them drop down, trying to relax your upper body and neck.  This will provide happy input to your central nervous system and potentially decrease the amount of stress hormone you are secreting due to the stress of this pandemic.

2. Go for walks! If you cannot walk very far, take 3-4 short walks throughout the day. Some benefits include cardiovascular exercise, exercising your lungs, improving joint health/bone density, improving your brain function and mental wellness, and being outside exposing yourself to vitamin D. If you cannot go for a walk, simply make sure you are moving around your house throughout the day!  Movement is medicine!

3. Go outside! But maintain your distance from others.  Do some yard work, sit on your porch, or if it’s cold, get bundled up and use a blanket and enjoy a fire in a fire pit.  There’s no air like fresh air!

4. Turn the T.V. off! Listening to the news all day long can be depressing.  If you are going to watch T.V., watch something that makes you laugh or smile. Or blast some of your favorite tunes and have a dance party in your kitchen!

5. Smile and laugh! Find things that bring you joy and engage in them!

6. Socialize as much as you can while you distance yourself from others! Call or Facetime your friends and family!  Try calling instead of texting for more human interaction.

7. Drink plenty of water! Always!

8. Eat your fruits and vegetables! If you are stuck at home, try out some new recipes you haven’t had time to try before!

9. Maintain a routine if possible. Get up at the same time, eat at the same time, and go to bed at the same time.  Get dressed for the day (don’t stay in your pajamas all day).  Put make-up on.  Feel good about yourself!

10. Develop a mantra you can repeat to yourself a few times when you are feeling stressed or worried. Maybe something like, “this will pass and we will be okay.”  If you say it enough, your brain will start registering that thought, potentially decreasing your stress levels.

If you are needing more information on ways to stay healthy, give Omaha Physical Therapy Institute a callWe love encouraging healthy living!!!

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