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Coming Back Stronger after an ACL Tear!

Laura Ney’s Comeback Story- Coming Back Even Stronger After an ACL Tear! Tearing your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) can be devastating and leave you feeling defeated and emotionally destroyed.  For some, it means the end of their athletic career but for patients that come through Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI), an ACL tear is an opportunity for a great comeback…

Battling Back to Tae Kwon Do and CrossFIT

OPTI’s Ninja Warrior:  David Shares His Comeback Story David Ramcharan has battled back from injuries that could have kept him from returning to Tae Kwon Do and CrossFit.  But, David did not give himself the option of giving up.  Due to his determination and work ethic, David is now performing at a higher level than he was before.  Check out…

How To Use the Cool Down for Injury Prevention

Improving Neuromuscular Efficiency through a Cool Down is Key with Injury Prevention Sometimes all you want to do after a soccer game or practice is sit on the ground and relax, take your cleats off, and talk about the game.  But, there is an ideal opportunity after you have been physically exerting yourself to optimize your recovery, improve your neuromuscular…