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Wellness & Performance Program

So what happens when your physical therapy is done? How do you continue the active lifestyle that your physical therapist has encouraged? OPTI has a Wellness and Performance Program for patients of all ages!   If you have been seen by one of the physical therapists at OPTI for physical therapy services, you qualify for this special program.

The Wellness and Performance Program bridges the gap for you when you are done with formal physical therapy services but want to continue a commitment to health and wellness by performing a regular exercise regime to improve overall health and for some of you, sports performance. The exercise program that you will be doing is dictated by the licensed Physical Therapist who was treating you at OPTI in order to make sure that you are performing a workout that takes into account your general health history, recent injury, and goals. Whether it is to make the varsity basketball team or be able to keep up with your grandchildren, OPTI’s Wellness and Performance Program can help you achieve your goals!

OPTI also offers gym memberships that allow for continued gym and equipment access to current and former patients during specified hours as well as participation in OPTI’s WellFIT Program. The WellFIT Program is a group workout circuit lasting 30-40 minutes that includes stations for upper and lower body strength, cardiovascular exercise, balance, and coordination. This is held over the lunch hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  The WellFIT Program is supervised by Ally Brown, athletic trainer, as well as Katie Cordery, physical therapist. The cost for a gym membership, which includes the WellFIT program, is $30.00/month.  Call today for more details or to get signed up!


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What Our Patients Say…

“I continued working out with Katie even after my rehab was over doing strength and agility drills that helped me to become faster than I was before my injury. My coach even thought my foot skills with the (soccer) ball were a lot better even though I had not played for so long.” – Allison (Knee Surgery)