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Soccer Specific Rehabilitation

Because of OPTI’s passion for soccer, OPTI is committed to providing the region’s most advanced soccer-specific rehabilitation. OPTI is the ONLY clinic in the Omaha metropolitan area to specialize in soccer-specific rehabilitation. This program is appropriate for any type of injury and from all skill levels ranging from the weekend warrior to competitive club and collegiate soccer players.

OPTI’s doctors of physical therapy possess the most current knowledge and research on the kinesiology, biomechanics and neuromuscular properties to soccer-related movements and injuries. They have playing experience through club, ODP, and Division I college soccer as well as youth coaching experience. OPTI’s physical therapists have a strong soccer background and have suffered severe injuries themselves during their soccer careers but have made it back to the field successfully despite much emotional and physical strain. They understand the physical demands and the psychology of a soccer player and are able to adapt treatment according to this understanding. OPTI’s model of care collaborates medical science and biomechanics with game knowledge creating the most comprehensive soccer-specific rehabilitation and training in the region.

In conjunction with the standard rehabilitation process, the following components will be implemented into a soccer athlete’s program:

  • Plyometric and agility drills
  • Passing and shooting progression
  • Tackling progression
  • Coordination on the soccer ball through touch sequences using the Coerver Coaching philosophy.

These areas will be emphasized to allow for a safe and confident return to soccer. OPTI’s physical therapists will have initial sessions in the clinic then transition the patient to turf and grass facilities with progression towards practice/game footwear. OPTI has a secondary location inside of the Omaha Sports Complex (Athletes In Motion clinic) which allows soccer athletes access to turf, goals, and an abundance of space for kicking, passing, and crossing the ball during their physical therapy sessions. As with all rehabilitation OPTI provides, techniques and exercises are performed that decrease the risk for re-injury.


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What Our Patients Say…

“I can’t believe I can say this but I had so much fun doing PT for my ankle! I knew from day one that I was going to be able to return to playing soccer again. I was able to do a lot of soccer stuff during my sessions which helped me not lose my skills while having to sit out from my injury. OPTI is the best!” – Chris (Ankle sprain)