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Running Analysis and Rehabilitation

Omaha Physical Therapy Institute’s (OPTI) doctors of physical therapy specialize in running-related injuries and are able to provide a comprehensive running gait analysis. Your PT will evaluate the way you run and assess your footwear. The Pose Method of Running may be implemented into your rehabilitation program by your PT.

The Pose Method of Running is geared toward many common goals that runners hold.  Many want to rid themselves of pain or prevent injury, improve their endurance, or gain speed.  While training parameters have a major effect on these goals, running technique can have an influence on these variables as well.  That is why small tweaks to your running gait pattern may help a runner, especially when it comes to reducing harmful forces involved in running and capturing natural forces to be used to your advantage.  Check out this link to YouTube for a quick video by Pose Method for the gist of what Pose Method is all about.   For further instruction on Pose Method call OPTI to arrange a consultation with Matt Vetter, PT, DPT, CSCS and Pose Method Running Technique Specialist.

Whether it is completing a marathon, returning to track and field practice, finishing your first Ironman Triathlon or using the treadmill at the gym for your daily exercise, the physical therapists at OPTI will assist you in achieving your running goals. Contact OPTI at (402)934-8688 to schedule an appointment today!


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What Our Patients Say…

“As a distance runner, I have been exposed to several different treatment interventions for my Achilles. I have had needles stuck in me, painful massage techniques (I think it’s called Graston), and manipulations without any lasting effect. Finally, my friend who is an orthopedist here in Omaha, told me about OPTI. After my first visit, I had a totally different perspective on my pain and what I needed to do to run without pain again. The education I received about pain and my body was amazing. I can now happily state that I can run without pain after only a month at OPTI! I recommend them to anyone and everyone that I know!” – Tom (Achilles pain)