We are still open and seeing patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  We also have a telehealth option as well for those that are not able to leave their home!

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Pre-operative Assistive Device Fitting and Training

If you are going to have surgery on your foot, ankle, knee, or hip you will most likely need crutches, a cane, or a walker after your surgery. Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) has these items in stock and is able to fit you and train you in using these devices safely before surgery. Most of the time, you are trained in using these assistive devices immediately after your surgery while you are still in the hospital. Unfortunately the effect of the medications you are on along with the anesthesia from surgery can decrease your ability to properly learn and develop appropriate coordination using these devices. At OPTI, we have found great success in training people BEFORE they have surgery which allows you time to practice at your home prior to having surgery and get comfortable using the device independently. This decreases your risk of falling and allows for more confidence after surgery with moving using one of these devices. The physical therapists from OPTI will have you practice transferring from different positions, have you walk on even and uneven surfaces, will expose you to turning with the device, will have you practice going up and down stairs and ramps in the clinic, and will provide safety tips to get your home prepared for you to optimize your safety after surgery.

Be proactive and contact OPTI prior to your surgical procedure to make sure that you optimize your safety after surgery using an assistive device!



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What Our Patients Say…

“I am appreciative that my doctor had me go to OPTI before my surgery to learn how to use crutches. It made my recovery a lot easier.” – Sharon (Knee Surgery)