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NeuroStrong Soccer-Specific Warm-up

The following exercises involved in the Omaha Physical Therapy Institute’s NeuroStrong warm-up protocol have been taken from science backed soccer-specific neuromuscular training programs that have proven to be effective in reducing the amount of injuries in soccer athletes as well as enhance performance. This warm-up has been condensed for efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance. It is a simple set up and only takes around 10-12 minutes to perform. It is recommended that this warm-up be performed before all training sessions and games. Shortened versions of it should be performed for re-entry/bench re-warm ups along with post-game/training cool downs. For maximal effectiveness, it is recommended that athletes engage in these exercises at least 2-3x/week and really focus on their form during the different movements. The longer the program is performed, the more neuromuscular control and kinesthetic awareness the athlete gains, creating a greater reduction in injury rates.


1. Jogging Forward/Jogging Backward
2. Side shuffling with Arm Swings
3. High knees/Butt kicks
4. Carioca
5. Shuffle-kicks/ Jog back
6. Running Hip out / Jog back
7. Running Hip in / Jog back
8. Shuffle cuts forward / Shuffle cuts backward
9. Forward lunge with arms overhead / Jog back
10. Side lunge-pivot-side lunge (Alternating legs) / Jog back
11. Running to stop on one leg at each cone down and back (Alternate legs)
12. Diagonal run with lunge-turn at cones (Alternate legs) / Jog back 2 Repetitions
13. Scissor lunges forward / Jog back
14.Skater hopping forward. Perform down AND back.
15. Quick running forward 2 cones, back pedal backward 1 cone / Jog back 2 Repetitions
16. Sprint forward / Defensive shuffling back 2 Repetitions
HOPPING (5 reps each leg- make sure to bend your knee when you land!)
17. Single leg hopping forward/backward over line or cone 5 repetitions each leg
18. Single leg hopping side-side over line or cone 5 repetitions each leg
19. Shoulder to shoulder hops with a partner 5 repetitions each sideSTRENGTH AND CONTROL
20. Nordic hamstrings with partner holding 5 repetitions
21. Lizard plank 10 repetitions each side
22. Single leg balancing with partner while tossing a ball 20 seconds each leg



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