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Jonathan Latshaw

Jonathan is a rehabilitation aide at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute! You can find him running around the clinic, cleaning up after everyone, and making our patients comfortable! He was first introduced to the profession of physical therapy through his older brother's and younger sister’s experiences in physical therapy. He has always been passionate about exercise, nutrition, and human anatomy and immediately became interested in the physical therapy profession. Jonathan earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Missouri State University and he recently completed a Master’s degree in Leadership from Crown College. He plans on attending physical therapy school in the near future.

Jonathan grew up outside of Kansas City, Missouri and moved to Omaha, Nebraska just a few years ago after marrying his wife, Pollyanna. In high school, he played baseball, basketball, and football. He enjoys reading, being active (basketball, snowboarding, and surfing are his favorites), spending time with his wife, and re-watching The Office.

Fun Fact: Jonathan LOVES himself some Kiwifruit! Ever want to learn more about this underrated fruit? Jonathan would be more than happy to share all kinds of fun facts about his favorite fruit!


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