We are still open and seeing patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  We also have a telehealth option as well for those that are not able to leave their home!

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Football and Wrestling Specific Rehabilitation

Football and wrestling are sports that require a lot of physical contact, strength, power, and agility. When an athlete is injured and they are trying to go back to one of these sports, it is essential to expose them to football and wrestling specific exercises and skill integration during their rehabilitation.

At Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI), the doctors of physical therapy specialize in sport specific physical therapy. All physical therapy interventions are adapted for the athlete and their presenting injury. Football athletes are exposed to various contact and position-specific drills, focus on exercises to improve their power and strength, and have access to OPTI’s Athletes In Motion (A.I.M.) Clinic which allows them exposure to field turf. With wrestling athletes, different stances and moves are implemented into a rehab program to allow for experience with the weight shifting, agility, and strength that are required for wrestling.

Ultimately, our goal is to get you back into your sport safely and confidently. If you are struggling with an injury that is keeping you from wrestling or football, call Omaha Physical Therapy Institute! We will give you the best rehab in the Omaha…because you deserve it!


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