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Can Running Backwards Improve Speed and Power Measures?

Can Backward Running Training Effectively Improve Speed and Power Measures In Adolescent Male Athletes? A recent study published in 2018 in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research titled “Sprint -Specific Training in Youth:  Backward Running vs Forward Running Training On Speed And Power Measures In Adolescent Male Athletes” by Uthoff, et al,  has shown that speed and power measures…

4 Simple Tips to Address Elbow Pain

Tennis Elbow Anyone?  Have you had nagging pain in your elbow that seems to be worsening and limiting more and more of your daily activities?   You may have consulted with “Dr.” Google who probably diagnosed you with “Tennis Elbow” and you have now researched the “best” ways of addressing it.  You are stretching and massaging and bracing with no luck….If…