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Injury Resistance- Practice Like you Play

Injury in sport can happen to anyone.  As speed and impact increase in higher level competition, so does the likelihood of injury.  This is why, in most sports, injuries are more likely to happen (and to require surgery) during competition rather than practice (Nagle, et al).  This should intuitively make sense to anyone who has ever experienced the difference between…

How Effective is Blood Flow Restriction in Rehabilitation?

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a training method that utilizes a pneumatic cuff (like what’s used when taking blood pressure) or elastic straps to reduce blood flow to muscles during low load strength training. While wearing the cuff with moderate pressure (40% arterial occlusion), patients exercise at 30-40% of their one rep maximum. During heavy load strength training patients…

Finding the “Strength” to Overcome Injury – JJ’s Comeback Story

Injury is both a physical and mental struggle and no one understands this more than J.J. Gums.  His strength throughout his rehabilitation journey has been inspirational for not only our staff but for other patients at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute.  Check out J.J.’s comeback story below! What was your injury?  Patella tendon rupture (with a surgical repair). How did you…