We are still open and seeing patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  We also have a telehealth option as well for those that are not able to leave their home!

One-on-One Treatment with a Physical Therapist Every Visit!

Getting Back to Life – Ben’s Comeback Story

On Ben’s last day of physical therapy, he was squatting over 155 lbs. and dead lifting more than 100 lbs..  If you would have seen him when he hobbled into Omaha Physical Therapy Institute using a walker on his first day of PT, you wouldn’t have believed he was going to be able to ever walk normally again, let alone…

The Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training can be an essential component to keeping your body healthy and your mind happy.  There has been a lot of research, especially in the most recent years, on the importance of adding strength training into your daily routine! We were going to write a whole blog on the benefits of strength training but then we came across this…