We are still open and seeing patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  We also have a telehealth option as well for those that are not able to leave their home!

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5 Tips To Staying Healthy as a Runner

Summer is here and more and more people are out running.  If you look closely, you will see a great deal of variation in HOW people do such a natural, basic activity.  Unless you are watching a group of elite runners, you are likely to see many different trunk positions and movements, arm swings, stride lengths, cadences, and types of…

Finding the “Strength” to Overcome Injury – JJ’s Comeback Story

Injury is both a physical and mental struggle and no one understands this more than J.J. Gums.  His strength throughout his rehabilitation journey has been inspirational for not only our staff but for other patients at Omaha Physical Therapy Institute.  Check out J.J.’s comeback story below! What was your injury?  Patella tendon rupture (with a surgical repair). How did you…