We are still open and seeing patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  We also have a telehealth option as well for those that are not able to leave their home!

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“Diving” into her Future… Kelly’s Sights Set on the Olympics

“My dream is to someday compete in the Olympics. With the help of Omaha Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI), I was able to rehab my injuries which allowed me to compete again! OPTI does the best job caring and creating relationships with their patients!” –Kelly Straub The recruiting process was stressful but fun! During and after my physical therapy at OPTI,…

Should You Still Be Running Outside?

You love to run outside, and you’re dreading the thought of running on a treadmill. However, you’re starting to think it might be getting too cold for that jog outside. You lace your shoes up anyways and head out of your warm cozy home… Is it safe? Is there such thing as being too cold to workout outside? Most of…