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2 Hip Movements To Try While Sitting

Sometimes prolonged sitting can be uncomfortable for people.  If you are having to sit for a long period of time like during work, on an airplane, or even at church, there are not a lot of options for movement at your hip.

Below we have provided 2 easy hip movements you can try if you are in a seated position.  Remember to perform slowly and through a comfortable range of motion.

Seated Hip External Rotation: 

Start with crossing one leg over the other as seen in the video below.  If you want to get more of a stretch, you can gently lean forward while performing this movement.  If you are unable to fully cross one leg over, you can try just sliding that leg up and down the opposite shin.  This hip mobility is important to maintain as it is very functional for putting your socks and shoes on and taking them off.  Try performing this movement for 5-10 seconds and repeating 3 reps.



Seated Hip Internal Rotation with Trunk Rotation:

Perform slowly and through a comfortable range of motion.  Hold this position 5-10 seconds and repeat 3 reps.


If you have a history of hip or spine surgery, make sure to consult with your surgeon or physical therapist before attempting these.  For more information or modifications for these stretches, feel free to contact Omaha Physical Therapy Institute today!

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Disclaimer:  This is advice is educational and should not be the sole source of medical advice.  Consult with your physical therapist or primary care physician for further questions and treatment tailored specific to you and your goals.