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The OPTI Comeback Club SoccerFIT Program is geared towards former OPTI patients who are training for college soccer but is also open to high school aged athletes (if space allows) who want to have more medically based supervision and direction while working on their soccer-specific fitness!

The group sessions are 2 days a week and incorporate soccer specific agility, speed, and power with coaching and education on proper loading mechanics to reduce the risk for injury. The sessions are based off of the most up to date research on the effectiveness of neuromuscular and propriceptive training programs on decreasing injury rates.  At the end of the session, we have small sided pick-up games followed by exercises to assist with reducing the risk for injuries by focusing on the athlete’s loading/unloading mechanics while fatigued.  This program is run by Katie Cordery, PT and Ally Brown, Athletic Trainer, who develop the sessions based off of summer workouts given to you by your respective Colleges and Universities in order to prepare you for pre-season. Brent Cordery, PT, also assists with and supervises the program.  Ally and Katie are both former collegiate soccer players and have had to overcome several severe injuries so they know what it takes to be READY for college soccer both physically and mentally!

Let us know if you are interested and want to be on the group emails/text messages regarding this program by emailing or calling OPTI at 402.934.8688.  This program runs in the months of June and July.

Cost:  $10/session
Dates/Times:  Tuesdays 9-10am, Thursdays 9-10am during the months of June and July
Location:  Omaha Sports Complex on 144th & Giles and grass fields in the Omaha area
What to bring:  Cleats, shin guards, ball, water, and a great attitude

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